Apocalypse Blog – Day 14

We had a blackout last night. As far as I could see, darkness, no streetlights, no house lights, nothing. Normally when this happens, it’s after a bad storm or high winds but it was as still as could be last night; maybe someone hit a telephone pole but it was really widespread. Again, nothing on the newsfeeds; in fact, there are a lot of sites online that just aren’t loading anymore.
I think the people at the end of the block must have picked up and moved during the night. I’m talking the trailer and everything, there was nothing there but an empty lot this morning. I know that mobile homes are ‘mobile’ but I thought it took more effort to move than that, and where are they going to go anyway, this epidemic is literally everywhere.
The gas station down the road had a sign that read NO GAS. It was locked up tight. I guess that the resupply lines are starting to be affected by the epidemic. I’m glad I have a bike and can get around without needing gasoline.
I’ve noticed that the faces of people I pass are starting to look really strained. Their eyes shift back and forth as they walk and there’s a tenseness in their bodies such as I’ve never seen before. I guess the worry is starting to take its toll.
It’s becoming harder to think of things to write about. I guess your days are as bland and confusing as mine. I get up and have some food and then just putter around until it’s bedtime. It’s hard to find something to entertain yourself without all the normal outlets. Yeah, I know, First World problems. I could be living in a mud hut, scraping at the dirt to make my vegetables grow instead. Speaking of which, I’m starting to ration in case the supermarket gets any more barren than it already is. I don’t think they’ve restocked anything in the last three or four days.
There was a fight outside around dinner time today. These two guys were shouting at each other for about an hour before it escalated into punches and kicks. The pair rolled around in the street pummeling each other for the longest time. Eventually, one of the guys emerged victorious and staggered back to his house leaving the other one lying in the street. I guess he wasn’t too badly hurt because he got up a few minutes later and stumbled back to his own house. The cops never showed. I wonder if they weren’t called or if they just don’t care because there are bigger fish to fry?
As I write this I’m sitting in the dark, illuminated by my computer screen alone. I’m trying to keep my energy usage low so I don’t stress the already overloaded system. I hope others are doing the same, we don’t need another blackout—that sucked—especially with the temperatures already at summertime levels. Have you ever tried sleeping in ninety degrees plus?
I think tomorrow I need to head downtown, maybe to the government offices to see if there is any official word on what’s happening. It sucks being oblivious to the situation. There are going to be some serious lawsuits against news providers for leaving us adrift once this is all over.
Somebody is screaming in the distance, probably another fight. This is the new normal. I’m going to bed and will pick this up tomorrow evening after I do my rounds.

You know who it is by now. Have a good night and stay safe.

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