Apocalypse Blog – Day 13

I went out for a ride early this morning. The heat is already building here and it was eighty degrees at nine in the morning so I wanted to get this tour of the city done before it was too hot to handle. The temperatures are astounding when you consider that it’s not summer. Once again there were no news programs on the radio and even my normal online sources were showing headlines from a few days ago, nothing from yesterday or today.
Has the whole world taken a vacation?
Cars were driving aimlessly on every road. I guess there are a lot of people like me who are just trying to see what’s going on or simply want to get out of the house. The fast-food restaurants were doing a booming drive-thru business everywhere I went. One line wrapped around the store and completely across the parking lot into the next strip mall. I love my tacos as much as the next guy but I can’t see waiting in line for what will probably be an hour for a quick snack.
The air is so much cleaner after two weeks of limited driving. I mean, there’s a bunch of people still out there but compared to normal workday traffic, it’s super light.
I took a tour of the older part of town. The powers that be have fenced off the entire Fremont Street Experience. I guess that shutting down the lights wasn’t enough, they want to make sure we don’t even wander around down there. I did spot a couple of people who must have climbed the fences to wander beyond the barricades. They had blankets draped over them or maybe they were robes like on those whackos I saw the other day, I don’t know. I’m thinking of getting my very own cultist style robe and wandering around, it might be good for a laugh.
I did see something that is making me doubt my memory and maybe my sanity. There was this new hotel that was being built right in the middle of downtown. It was huge last time I remember seeing it. Sure it was all scaffolding and girders, not anywhere near complete but today there was just this massive hole in the ground. I could have sworn it was further along, but there it was, larger than life, nothing but a deep pit. I didn’t think they dug down that far for building foundations but this hole looked like it went all the way to the center of the Earth.
Just for giggles, I tossed a rock over the fence and into the hole. It fell for a long time before I lost sight of it. I think it hit something flammable or maybe electrical because about thirty or forty seconds after I tossed the rock there was this bright flash deep in the hole. I got the hell out of there before the cops could arrive. I didn’t need to spend a night in jail for criminal mischief or vandalism or something.
When I got back home, I didn’t have mail for the first time in two weeks, not even junk mail. Maybe this lockdown is good for something, I sure don’t need more flyers for expensive stores where I can’t afford to shop. I’m still waiting on the check that the government said was coming to every citizen. I’m almost out of cash and could really use it.
Is there anyone reading this? I’m wondering if I’m just doing this for me or if there are people out there confused and feeling abandoned who are at least getting a glimpse at what is going on beyond their limited horizons.

As always, I’m Joey and you’re not. (I’ve always wanted to use that line) Be safe out there and I’ll write more tomorrow.

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