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A Child of Innsmouth

#flashfiction “Mother, I believe the child is going to come today,” Prudence said. She levered herself up from the wooden chair and waddled across the kitchen to her mother. She grasped her mother’s hand and placed it on her distended abdomen. Her mother’s bulging eyes widened as she felt the rapid movements beneath the skin. […]

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The 10 Most Popular Destinations for First Time Time Travelers

#flashfiction Everyone remembers the first time they traveled. Trying and exploring someplace new is always exciting. When that someplace is actually in a different time your adventures become exponentially more exciting. For you, first-time time traveler our intrepid chrononauts have assembled the top 10 destinations to make your first vacation through time one that you’ll […]

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The Striped Worm

#flashfiction “Ow, what the hell?” Genevieve jumped up from her chair knocking it to the floor with a sound like the trump of doom. “Phil. Phil!” Her shout finally punched through the sounds of battle in my headphones. I pulled the right earpiece off and looked across the room at her. She was balancing against […]

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