Buy Ebooks $1

Sure you can buy ebooks at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, or dozens of other places but you know what? They’re just too darn expensive.
My books can be found at all these outlets but after the vendor takes their slice and every middleman gets theirs, the book costs you too darn much.
I think you should have the opportunity to read what you want inexpensively. Also (for purely selfish reasons) I’d prefer you visit my site rather than the big stores.
Every book I’ve ever published is available for purchase below, click on the cover image to go to Paypal and buy it.
Why buy from me you ask? Well every book you buy from me only costs $1 – that’s right one single dollar each. You can’t get a coffee for that price. So if you’re a fan, this is a great price break and if you’ve just stumbled across my site, you can try out a new read for a very reasonable price.
You’ll receive a zip file with the kindle version, the epub, and a pdf.  I hope you like what you see.

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