The Shadow in the City

This is a short story written for a contest about movies and monsters (I didn’t win) that I published on my Patreon page but decided to also share here. The city was bathed in twilight, but then again it was always twilight until a Star arrived on the scene. Aaron Little hated the time between […]

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Granny and Her Cab Company

Granny, that’s what they call her. Not only because she is a loveable old lady but because it’s the only name anyone knows for her. She knows that her name is Zelda Feinman but keeps that secret because it’s very hard to run a background check having only the name Granny to work with. Forty […]

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Leo Blair – ‘the man behind the throne’

  I used to run tabletop role-playing games and had a very broad universe which became the basis for my Spacefarer series currently in progress. I miss working on games but again, I don’t want to derail myself by completely going full-on game design so I present a character study for a game as creative […]

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