Live Blogging on Patreon

I’ve decided to do something that was suggested by another author. I am live-blogging my writing progress on my Patreon. What does this mean? Basically, as I write chapters in my novels, shorts, or novellas I will put the raw first draft material on the Patreon feed. This allows my Patrons to follow along with […]

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Happy Holidays and wishing you a wonderful 2021

The old year is FINALLY coming to a close. While we all know this won’t magically fix everything in the world, it still feels like the home stretch of the race. From my family to yours, Happy Holidays and may you have a wonderful New Year. And I’m going to get back to writing now. […]


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Apocalypse Blog – Day 15

Oh, dear God, I hope someone is actually reading this. I’m dictating onto my phone and having it post live to the blog. There’s no radio coming in on any channel but my phone says it has a connection so I’m hoping this is going out. It’s 4 AM and the screaming outside escalated to […]

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