Tower Faustus

Title: Tower Faustus: A Many Paths Adventure
Release Date: December 8, 2019
Contributors: Edmund de Wight
Pages: 381

Long ago monsters, wizards and all manner of evil stalked the land. But that was in the old days. Magic has fled the world and the monsters and evil beings were vanquished generations ago. The only remaining symbol of the evils of the past is a decrepit, yet still sinister tower on a hill overlooking the rustic town of Dragon’s Hollow. The tower was the abode of the evil wizard Faustus who in the distant past stole the souls of townspeople to make his monsters. Tales of ghosts and monsters are told of the tower and are used by the townsfolk to keep naughty children in line.

Four teenagers who bemoan the lack of adventure decide to investigate the tower to see if the stories of ghosts and wandering monsters are true. Armed with the adventuring gear of their grandparents and great-grandparents they set out on a great adventure.

This e-book is a work of fiction, but it is also a game in the mode of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books.

You make choices through the course of the story to direct the characters along their path. Your choices may lead them to different locations, clues, or to their salvation or death.

Follow our heroes as they attempt to navigate their way through the maze of the dungeon. You choose the path; you make the choices and decipher the clues. Only by choosing the right path can the adventurers escape a fate worse than death.

How to use this e-book:

·        Click the ‘Begin your adventure now’ link.

·        Read the chapter presented.

·        At the end of each chapter are one or more hyperlinks that will give you choices. There may be doors to open revealing other parts of the dungeon and/or there may be mirrors that give choices of alternative versions of each room you are in. The only way to make it through the story is to discover the right combination of paths and mirrors to find the end. Along the way, our heroes will live or die by your choices.

·        Use the bookmarks feature of your e-reader to preserve your location so you don’t need to start over if you have to stop reading for the day.

·        The chapter/rooms are numbered to help you in keeping track of your journey but don’t expect to follow the numbers sequentially to help you find the way out. The maze is not that simple.

·        It is recommended that you keep notes on the room you are in and any clues you receive to help you to unravel the puzzle of the story.

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