Apocalypse Blog – Day 3

Great, my cable is out. The corps might not be allowed to disconnect my electricity but I guess cable doesn’t count as life and death to them. Admittedly, I was a month behind before the quarantine was announced, but you’d think they would cut a guy a break and leave the cable on so I […]

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Apocalypse Blog – Day 2

OMG, people are crazy! I went out to the grocery store last night after posting to get some veggies and lunchmeat and the store was like something out of a bad disaster movie. Picture this. The parking lot is jammed with cars and trucks totally ignoring the spaces. They’re lined up at the curb, sitting […]

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Apocalypse Blog – Day 1

This is a work of FICTION. This is not an actual blog of my experiences during the COVID-19 quarantine (the fact that the author is named Joey should be your clue). It was first posted on my Patreon page and I’m now sharing it here and on my Facebook page. it will not be daily […]

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