Apocalypse Blog – Day 12

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you’re in a dream but can’t wake up?

It’s one of those situations where everything SEEMS utterly unreal but also plausible at the same time. You want to deny your reality and see something ridiculous like a clown on a unicycle ride by – OK, maybe not a clown, there are enough creepy things in dreams and reality without adding clowns. You feel, no, you hope deep in your gut that whatever it is that you’re experiencing will just evaporate like mist as you spring from the bed into your normal boring world. Well, that’s how this lockdown is starting to feel.
I swear that either there is a dedicated cadre of toilet paper hoarders who manage to make it to the store before everyone else or else the markets have just stopped stocking paper products. I can find almost anything else but tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, anything normally in the paper aisle is missing every stinking day.
A lady I passed in the aisle was saying to her husband (I assume it was her husband) that she thinks the store employees are hoarding the paper products for themselves. I don’t want to believe something like that but people are starting to look at the store employees with measuring stares. I don’t doubt if that rumor spreads that someone is going to attack some poor clerk demanding toilet paper.
On my way back with my frozen veggies I spotted a coyote wandering across Death Valley Drive (What is it with that street? Is it cursed or something?) Humans are missing so the wildlife is coming in from the surrounding wilderness to fill in the gaps we’ve abandoned. It makes you wonder just how long any trace of man would remain if we did somehow die off. I wonder if something like him is what scratched my door?
There was half a house on a lot, three blocks from my home. I’m serious, half of a house. It looked like some giant had come along, grabbed the right half of the building, and ripped it away leaving the inside exposed to the elements. It reminded me of a giant dollhouse with one side open to expose all the rooms so a kid could put dolls or whatever inside. There wasn’t any rubble on the lot nor any sign of fire, the right side was just gone. I wonder if it’s in the same place where the people and walls of the house from the other night went.
I’m about to give up on my streaming services. All day long there’s nothing but old sitcoms and talk shows. I don’t even remember the news coming on the radio at all today. Don’t they think we might need to know what’s going on? At least I have the internet and its ability to bring me information from around the world although everything I read sounds like more of the same griping I’ve been doing. We’re all one big community of people eternally in search of toilet paper and some entertainment.
Some of the hoax videos are neat. I watched one yesterday where the guy supposedly filmed some enormous white worm moving through a sewer. It was so totally CGI or maybe a model he green-screened in. The white shape didn’t even look like a worm and when he pasted it into the video he must not have altered the lighting because it almost glowed in comparison to everything else in the video. I gave it a thumbs down vote. Some of the commenters were obviously playing along saying how they saw things like that too, but then again people online say that they’ve seen Bigfoot and Mothman.
Here, you watch it and see what you think – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BctT15_FxGE
I hope you all are being safe. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen anything weird. Tomorrow I think I’m going to take a ride around the area on my moped and see what’s going on beyond my neighborhood.
This is Joey, signing off for now.

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