Apocalypse Blog – Day 15

Oh, dear God, I hope someone is actually reading this. I’m dictating onto my phone and having it post live to the blog. There’s no radio coming in on any channel but my phone says it has a connection so I’m hoping this is going out.
It’s 4 AM and the screaming outside escalated to the point that it woke me up. I thought there was an electrical storm happening because the light was flickering through my blackout drapes. It was that electric blue-white color that lightning sometimes gets and it would flash for several seconds and then darkness returned only to be banished by the lightning again.
I went outside and it sounded like a bad disaster movie. People were screaming all around. I saw the young kid who rides his skateboard down my street every day sprinting past being chased by two guys in long robes. The robe guys had knives. I tried to call 911 but the line was busy. How the hell is 911 busy? Needless to say, I ducked back inside until they went past. Look, I feel for the kid but my name isn’t Rambo; I’m not going to get knifed by a pair of psychos playing Lord of the Rings dress-up.
Something just blew up! Oh, Jesus, there’s some kind of electrical thing that just punched through a house three doors down. It wasn’t like lightning, it was, is, some kind of glowing tentacle but I can see through it. What the hell is happening?
The tentacle thing must have smashed the house it was sticking out of into powder because it’s just gone. Now it’s started smacking the other houses. Holy Christ, it just hit my house and half of it disappeared. That’s what happened to those other houses, one of these tentacle things disintegrated it. What is it?
Oh my God, there’s another one. There are dozens of these things erupting from the ground and houses as far as I can see. They tower over the houses as tall as skyscrapers but they’re alive. I don’t know how something that looks like lightning can be alive but it is. It’s writhing and twisting like a tentacle and anything it touches disappears.
The two robed guys and the kid ran past one and the tentacle thing reached down and grabbed them and they all just disappeared.


Sorry, I had to run for a few blocks, those things are wiping out my entire neighborhood. Is this happening anywhere else? Where is the government, the Army, fuck, I’ll take the Coast Guard right now. The sky is full of writhing, glowing tentacles in every direction. The clouds above are glowing red and I think I can see things moving in them.
There’s a gathering of the robed assholes in the park. There are about two dozen of them and they’re all chanting. The ground in the center of their circle is glowing and—this is how those tentacle things are appearing. One just pushed up from the ground where it was glowing. The robes are moving on to another spot.
Thank goodness, somebody abandoned a car and it’s running. I’m not a thief, I swear, but these are extraordinary times. I have to get out of town.
OK, I’m safe in the car and driving west. I want to get as far away from town as possible. Maybe if I can reach one of the cities over the California line things will be better organized. Maybe I’ll be safe.
The interstate was a parking lot and I think that some of those tentacle things are on it. Thank all the gods that I know the side roads pretty well. It’s rough driving but there’s less chance of a traffic jam out in the desert.
I’ve been driving for over an hour now, I think I’m in California. The sun is starting to come up. All I could see in my rearview mirror was strobing white light where Vegas used to be. I think those tentacle things have completely destroyed the town.
I see some light shining over the mountains ahead. I think I’m coming up on a city. I hope that the Army or somebody is there to help or maybe this evil was only happening in Vegas.
The car is starting to buck, I think I’m running out of gas but I’m just about at the top and I can coast downhill.
Come on you piece of shit.
I’m finally over the top. I can coast. I can see the lights ahead. Oh Lord, it’s not a city, it’s more of those things. They’re everywhere.
Maybe I can just stop and hide in the mountains until it’s all over. That rest area ahead looks like a good spot.
This should be a good base of operations while I wait this— whatever it is—out.
What’s that red light outside?
I’m going to step outside and see what’s going on.
Oh, sweet Jesus, red tentacles are coming from the clouds. Are you reading this? If it’s not already happening where you are, get ready.
They’re everywhere. They’re everyw— SIGNAL LOSS



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