Apocalypse Blog – Day 3

Great, my cable is out. The corps might not be allowed to disconnect my electricity but I guess cable doesn’t count as life and death to them. Admittedly, I was a month behind before the quarantine was announced, but you’d think they would cut a guy a break and leave the cable on so I can know what’s going on.
At least I can hitch a ride on my neighbor’s wifi to get on the internet. The news on Google and Facebook is looking grim. Illinois and Michigan just declared a lockdown of their entire states, welcome to the party guys.
They say this bug is not airborne so it’s safe to be outside but you need to stay away from people so they can’t cough on you or touch you—of course, you probably already knew that.
I went out for a walk just to see what’s happening in the neighborhood. All the kids are in the streets chasing each other and playing like normal. I’m sure that is totally undermining the point of closing the schools for the quarantine. I bet the governor in his infinite wisdom didn’t stop to think that if you cut the kids loose, they’re not going to quarantine themselves, they’re going to go play with other kids. One boy was following behind this older girl, I think it was his sister, and taking mouthfuls of water from a bottle and then squirting it between his teeth at her. If he has the bug, that chick is toast.
Of course, kids don’t care, they’re the least likely to be seriously ill. I’m pretty safe too but my grandma, she’s afraid to go outside her house or even answer the door for grocery deliveries. She really needs to stop listening to the right-wing conspiracy news shows. I mean, this bug is bad but they’ve got her thinking that every person on Earth except her has it and wants to give it to her.
I’ve started working on some new tee shirt designs for when the quarantine is lifted and I can open the store. I’m drawing a kitty cat Grim Reaper. It’s cute and a bit of social commentary on the current situation. Sure it seems grim and makes you think that death is coming for you but in reality, it’s not that bad. The Grim Reaper just wants to play with a ball of yarn, not kill you. I don’t know, I think it’s a cute idea. Once I finish it I’ll try to post a picture on the blog for you guys.
My neighbor is outside filling empty bottles with water from his hose. Dude, the disease isn’t going to shut off the water. I think those prepper shows and zombie movies have given people the wrong idea about how to deal with a pandemic. This is the twenty-first century, we have actual medical science that will beat this thing. It’s not a movie where the government is utterly incompetent and the entire social order collapses and goes all Mad Max.

Once again, if you have income and are reading this, help a brother out. Use this LINK to donate even one dollar so I can stay afloat during this quarantine.
Stay safe. Stay healthy, this is Joey saying goodnight for now.

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