Apocalypse Blog – Day 4

Did you see that explosion last night?
I was sitting on my deck drinking a cool one and watching the dog patrol for intruding neighborhood cats when the night lit up as bright as day. I’m assuming you saw it too, hell I think everyone on this side of the country must have seen it.
Up in the southern sky was a fireball that looked like the sun had risen in the middle of the night. It was blinding. Hell, I was seeing spots for hours after the event. The boom, and I think calling it a boom does a disservice to the explosion, shook the house and you could feel it deep in your chest. It was like the end of the world had finally arrived.
In case you didn’t see it or bother to investigate, I went to trusty old Google and did some searching. NASA says it was an asteroid which was traveling on a path to intersect the Earth; I guess it did. It was too small to actually make it through the atmosphere so it did what they called an airburst. Frickin’ apocalypse firework is more like it.
I also saw online that there were a series of earthquakes across the western states. Utah had a quake that measured 6.0, Arizona had a 5.3, and California, always waiting for the big one, had a 6.3 quake out in the high desert. What the hell is going on? We’ve got a pandemic, asteroid explosions, and earthquakes; maybe the crazies claiming this is the apocalypse are on to something.
They just announced that the virus is now in every state. It’s hard to believe that only two months ago there was just one case intercepted at an airport. The last few months of panic on one side of the ideological spectrum and denial on the other have set us up for a full-blown steel cage death match with the disease. I am starting to wonder if the thirty-day quarantine is going to be enough. They say that the number of cases in Nevada doubled since the beginning of the week.
I made another trip to the market today, hoping that some restocking happened in the last two days. An old lady decked out in gloves and a mask hissed at me in the parking lot. She actually hissed! C’mon grandma, I’m not going to steal your food or cough on you. The shelves had a few more items than the last time but unless they restock the paper aisle, things are going to get really shitty around here (Do you see what I did there?). OK, I promise not to pun anymore.
I think I’ve seen more of my neighbors in the last four days than I have in the last four years. It’s weird having the entire neighborhood at home during the day.
I think I’ll go for a drive downtown tonight, see what the Strip looks like during the quarantine. At least I can still do that, the governor hasn’t decreed that we have to stay in our homes—yet.
I’ll check in later.

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Stay safe. Stay healthy, this is Joey saying goodnight for now.

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