Apocalypse Blog – Day 6

I’m a bit down because last night the online news informed us that the governor does not believe that thirty days is going to be a sufficient shutdown to stop the virus from spreading uncontrolled. Does he realize that some of us do not qualify for unemployment insurance? I think I’ve got about ninety dollars to my name at this point to buy food, bills will have to wait; I can only hope that everything isn’t disconnected or repossessed before this ends.
I saw this group of people walking down the street just after dusk. There must have been fifty of them, all in gray robes with hoods, masks covered the lower half of their faces. Don’t they understand that physical separation is the only way to keep from getting this bug? Sure, they’re cloaked and masked but what if one of them didn’t disinfect correctly?
I don’t have a clue why they are out in a group. They marched past, silently, like some macabre parade. I could see a few of my neighbors peeking between their drapes to watch. One of the group, at the rear of the procession, stopped for a moment and looked right at me and then pointed at me. He really needed a manicure since the finger looked more like a claw with its long pointed fingernail. Creepy.
Oh, I wanted to share my trip to the market (thank God that the shelves are beginning to refill after the panic monkeys stopped hoarding). I went to get some eggs and potatoes just before the store closed at 8 pm. I went to the self-checkout and was ringing up my few items when this guy at the next kiosk begins coughing. In most circumstances I wouldn’t panic but—hello—we have a plague running through the population. Anyway, he doesn’t cover his mouth, and to make things worse, he turns TOWARD me to cough. I didn’t know if I was more furious or terrified. I ducked and spun away to place me back toward him. I figured I could protect my face and hands and anything flying through the air would hit my shirt. I played duck-and-cover for a full minute before I was brave enough to turn back to my groceries. When I got home I tossed my shirt and cleaned myself and my purchases with bleach wipes, I’m not taking chances. What utter gall. Doesn’t this guy care at all about others? Come on people, we’re in this together. Cover your mouth, stay home if you’re sick. At least have the common decency to tell me if you’re actually coughing from allergies so I don’t panic.
Is it just here, or is there a distinct lack of aircraft flying? I’ve become used to non-stop flyovers but I now realize that I haven’t heard a jet in a couple of days. Just wondering if it’s everywhere. Things are really grinding to a halt out there it seems.
Anyway, I’ll check in again tomorrow. Thanks for following my blog. If I’m only talking to myself here, well, that’s OK too, at least I’m helping to control my rising panic.

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Stay safe. Stay healthy, this is Joey saying goodnight for now.

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