Apocalypse Blog – Day 1

This is a work of FICTION. This is not an actual blog of my experiences during the COVID-19 quarantine (the fact that the author is named Joey should be your clue). It was first posted on my Patreon page and I’m now sharing it here and on my Facebook page. it will not be daily but posted several times a week over the next few weeks until it is completed around Halloween. – Ed



I don’t understand the point of the governor’s proclamation last night. Sure there are some sick people but our state only has a few compared to dens of disease like New York. Regardless, he shut down the entire state except for essential services for the next 30 days. What the heck counts as essential? Grocery stores? That makes sense, but what about cigarette stores? I mean my girlfriend is an absolute smoking fiend, if she can’t get her nicotine fix there’s going to be hell to pay.
I’m pretty sure my job is gone for the duration. I won’t know until tomorrow when I can call the mall to see if I can open my store. Somehow I don’t think that my tee shirt store is going to be considered essential so I’m probably out of a job and a source of money for the duration; fucking governor
I’m going to entertain myself by writing this blog every day and chronicling what I see as we all suffer through this stupidity. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to pick up some delivery routes with AppEats. At least I’ll make a few bucks to afford things and get out of the house. If that doesn’t happen I don’t know how I’m going to survive 30 days with only $120 in the bank. At least I have some groceries and the governor did say they won’t disconnect anyone’s electric, but still.
For tonight, I’m going to bust out some rum and get drunk to drown my sorrows.
If you’re reading this—cool, welcome to the blog, maybe we can keep each other company through this stupid quarantine.

If you’re still employed, consider making a donation at this LINK Even a buck helps those of us who have had our livelihood ripped away without notice for the next month.
Until tomorrow, this is Joey saying stay safe, wash your hands, and don’t cough on me—ta ta.

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