My Facebook pages and profile were hacked

Do not trust anything coming from the Edmund de Wight page on Facebook or from Ionosphere Press. My profile was also compromised.

Some low-life listing themself as Kiếm Lúa Mỗi Ngày 2023 has somehow hacked their way past my 2FA and stolen my professional profile and taken over my pages.

If you get ANYTHING from the Facebook spaces that were previously Ionosphere Press or Edmund de Wight do NOT trust it. It is some Asian hacker POS.

If I can get them pulled down they will never be put back in service.  Facebook clearly does not care that hackers can take over your profile. If I cannot (and that’s most likely since FB doesn’t even give me a way to contact them and complain beyond a random person clicking ‘report’ on the pages) then those pages will just sit there and rot.

My website is secure so things coming from here are safe. My Patreon is also safe. I’ll be posting on those sites from now on in addition to the stores that carry my books.

I want to thank you for being a supporter of mine, and I hope to keep entertaining you for years to come.


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