The Man In The Video

Warning: This story contains very adult themes and descriptions of sexual activity. It’s not porn but could be offensive to some. If you are bothered by such things, do not read further.

“This is the sickest vid I’ve ever seen,” Barry said.

Knowing that Barry would only cajole until he caved in, Mark wandered over to his roommate’s desk and looked at the image on the computer screen. It was a blurry image of a woman’s face and she appeared to be paused in the middle of the act of fellatio.

“Porn? Really? Are you 12 Barry?”

“No, dude.” He clicked a few times on the screen and the image jumped to what appeared to be the roof of a parking garage. “It’s not just that, it’s the content. It’s – you just need to see it.”

He clicked play and the scene came to life. Dust and trash blew in mini whirlwinds around the roof. A woman opened a metal door and crossed to the middle of the roof. She knelt in the middle of the painted lines of a parking space and bowed her head, seemingly in prayer.

The door opened, slowly, stealthily, and two young men peeked around its corner. They exchanged words and the blonde of the pair pointed at the woman. Wide grins split their faces and they came through the door, closing it gently behind them.

“I summon you Dark One,” the woman suddenly shouted, throwing her head back.

Lightning struck the ground mere feet from where the woman knelt and a tall, muscular man with skin the color of the darkest night appeared on the scorch mark.

“Good special effect,” Mark said.

“Hush,” Barry said and indicated for him to continue watching.

“Take me, make me yours,” the woman said.

Mark noticed that the two men had frozen in place the moment the lightning struck. Their faces were slack and they stood like robots whose programming had failed.

“Approach,” the black man said. His voice was a deep baritone. Mark felt a strange compulsion to move but shook his head and continued watching.

The two men walked forward, stiff legged, until they were beside the woman.

“You would give me your soul?”

“Yes,” the woman said in a voice that was more moan than words.

“Remove your clothes and lie down,” the black man said.

The woman began stripping and Mark did a double take as he realized the two men were as well. Soon all three were naked and lying on the ground. The black man stepped forward and knelt between the legs of one of the men. It hadn’t been obvious until that moment but the black man had no clothing. He lifted the legs of the quiescent blonde man as if he were a child and penetrated him.

“Jesus Christ,” Mark shouted.

“Just watch,” Barry said.

In a matter of moments the black man jerked as he reached orgasm. The blonde man’s face immediately regained its animation. His eyes went wide and his mouth opened, releasing a guttural scream. Mark saw that the man’s skin was blackening. The dark color spread from his hips outward. It raced up the man’s abdomen and then his chest. His screams became louder and more shrill. The screaming finally stopped when his neck and then head turned black.

The black man withdrew from his partner and Mark let out a tiny shriek as the man’s body crumbled to ash. Neither of the other people in the film had reacted to the first man’s plight. Next the black man moved to the remaining man, an African American with light brown skin. He repeated his sexual attack with the same horrific outcome.

When the black man approached the woman she spread her legs in invitation.

“Take me Master,” she said.

“No,” the black man said. “That is the way of creation. Kneel.”

The woman appeared confused but moved to her knees. The man shifted his position and stood over her, revealing an enormous erection.

“That’s some weird makeup,” Mark said.

The man’s penis was as black as his body but the head was not the normal bulbous shape of a human penis. The end of his penis was forked like a snake tongue. The tines of the fork waved as if tasting the air. He grasped the woman by her hair and forced his snake penis into her mouth.

Again he orgasmed and the blackness covered the woman’s skin spreading from her mouth downward. When the transformation was complete she did not crumble to ash as the men had. She opened her eyes, licked her lips and smiled up at the demonic man who’s manhood still hovered in front of her mouth.

“They were unworthy,” he said. “You are worthy. Go.”

The woman stood, gathered her clothing and left the roof. The black man turned to face the camera, his manhood remained terrifyingly erect. His face was utterly inhuman. Mark knew in his heart that this was the Devil. The eyes of a goat looked out from broad protruding brows. His cheeks were pointy and tipped with barbs. His mouth was too wide to be that of a man and was filled with needle teeth.

“Are you worthy?” He seemed to ask the men viewing the video.

The image on the screen blanked and then returned to show two men hunched before a computer. Mark recognized the room, the clothing; this was a view of them from behind.

He straightened and spun around. The black man stood mere feet away. He was taller than either Mark or his roommate. His body was muscular and his mere presence created feelings of both terror and attraction within Mark. Mark felt like he was watching the man from a distance. His legs and arms felt numb; he could not move.

“Remove your clothes,” the black man said.

Mark screamed but the sound remained in his head; his traitor mouth refused to speak. His body began to comply without his conscious control and remove his clothing. He didn’t know if he should pray to be worthy or not.


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