Late Night on Lover’s Lane


Danny turned onto the narrow access road and after a few yards turned off the engine.
It was Saturday night, the big game had been won and it was time for him, Benfield High’s star quarterback, to claim his prize.
“Oh, Lover’s Lane,” Becky cooed.
She batted her long lashes at Danny and pretended to be surprised. She knew where the night was heading following their passionate kisses after the game. They had both been waiting for this night, the night they finally went all the way.
“Well you are my girl, aren’t you?”
Danny hitched himself closer on the bench seat and pulled Becky against his broad chest. She gasped and arched her back to present her bosom more fully.
Danny, being a typical male jock, responded as she expected and soon they were locked at the lips while his hands roamed her body.
The windows were steamed and Becky’s letter sweater was a distant memory soon to be followed by her bra and the rest of her clothing when a brilliant light blasted through the windows into the car.
Danny was too worked up to notice and continued yanking at his zipper.
“Danny.” He reached for her undies.
“Danny,” she screamed in his ear.
His passion stuttered at the volume of her  voice and he sat up. Danny looked around, finally noticing the daylight bright light streaming through every window of the car.
“Crap,” he said. “Get dressed.”
He hitched his pants back into place as she struggled with her disarrayed clothing.
As Becky pulled on her sweater Danny rubbed at the fog on the passenger window to see who was outside. If it was guys from the team he was going to kill them. He didn’t think it was the cops, they never hassled people on Lovers Lane after a big school event; they remembered what it was like to be young and horny.
Two shapes were approaching the car. They wore wide brimmed hats and their faces were invisible in the shadows cast by the light. It looked like the light was coming from above.
Danny cracked his knuckles. There were only two of them. He was going to teach these pervs a lesson about sneaking up on a guy who was about to get lucky.
“Wait here,” he said and opened the door.
Danny stood up and faced the two figures. The light from above was joined by a second light and Danny glanced up to see two silver disks hovering above Lover’s Lane. The disks were each as large as a football field and hung overhead without sound. The additional light illuminated the approaching figures revealing their dead white, inhuman faces and strange almond shaped black eyes. They both raised their hands and the last thing Danny remembered was a brilliant green beam of light coming from their hands to strike both him and Becky watching through the open door behind him.

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