I made a board game and you can get it for FREE

I’ve been designing board, card, RPG, and other tabletop games for years. I mostly do it for fun and share it with my friends.

This game was an original concept that just won’t let me sleep at night unless I get it out into the world.

It’s called “I’m Going Straight To…

It’s a game of bidding and combat where up to 6 players try to win their way into either Heaven or Hell. It’s a fun beer and pretzels type of game that can be played in a reasonably short timeframe.

I’ve created the rules to be print-your-own format. The pdf contains all the rules, the cards required and the playing surface. You will need to provide some dice, tokens and chits to finish off the setup.

I am giving this away for free for anyone to try. The copyright remains with me (I am releasing this under my other name of Ed Walker) and the game may not be resold or repackaged for your own enrichment.   Click the link at the end of this post to download a PDF which contains the rules and playing pieces.

Feel free to print it and play. Make copies for your friends – just don’t sell them.

I do have a voluntary request if you like the game to consider leaving a tip. Tips will go toward creating a professional version of this game should it turn out to be something that people like.
Just click on the text below:     I would also appreciate any feedback in the comments of this post. Let me know if it was good/bad/ meh. Any feedback is appreciated.


DOWNLOAD THE RULES HERE:  straight-to-rules-pieces


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