A Familiar Tail – middle grade or any age.

Not your normal talking animal story.
When an aged witch dies, her familiars are bound by magic to find their new mistress.
A pampered housecat that knows nothing of life outside of her house and a crow who is afraid of heights must undertake an epic journey.

Together this unlikely duo must travel across deserts and cities to find their way to their new home.
Along the way, they must overcome hunger, thirst, and all the dangers of human civilization.
When Nimue the cat is captured by Animal Control, Balthazar the crow must learn to overcome his fears to rescue her or they will never reach their new home.

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The Light Within

In a remote mountain town, a battle will be fought for the survival of the world.

Lawrence ‘Tagg’ Taggart is a young man who feels his life has no purpose. He is kidnapped by cultists and targeted for sacrifice. Instead, he is changed and is now connected to the alien, other-dimensional energies used by the cult.

Brenna is being trained by her uncle in the mountains of West Virginia to be an Irin Knight, a defender of humanity. No matter how hard she trains, she cannot access the Light, the mystical power which is the heart of the Irin. She wonders if the Council of Elders is right and that a woman can never be a Knight.

After Brenna saves Tagg’s life, drawing them together, they discover that the cult has been working under their noses all along.

The cult worships beings of the Outside, a dimension surrounding our own inhabited by creatures which desire to consume all realities. The cult has been secretly growing in strength for years and its powerful leader stands on the brink of opening a gateway for the horrors from the Outside.

Faced by fanatical cultists and their deadly mechanical constructs Tagg must embrace his newfound abilities and Brenna must awaken her link to the Light or the cult will succeed in opening the gateway and our universe will be consumed.

A fast-paced urban fantasy. Do you like fantastic adventures laced with magic and a touch of horror? This series combines the urban fantasy feel of the Dresden Files with a touch of the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft.

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Nightmare War: Initiate

Is it a dream?

Is it reality?

Death is real either way.

It starts with a nightmare more terrifying than anything he's ever had.

Soon, the monsters from his dreams are showing up in Alex Black's waking world.

He's just an average teen caught up with avoiding bullies and finding a girlfriend. Is he going insane?

When a car runs him down, Alex is propelled into a world he never knew existed.

Trapped in the dream world, he must defeat powerful creatures of nightmare, protect those he loves and try to keep ancient monsters from destroying his body before he can figure out how to wake up.

If you're a fan of the movies Dreamscape or The Cell or followed the Nightmare on Elm Street movies you'll love this book that blurs the barriers between the dream world and reality

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