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Vampires Don’t Suck

When I was a kid I wanted to be turned into a vampire. OK, I didn’t really think through the lead up to becoming a vampire, mainly the being killed part, but I thought vampires were really – and I mean REALLY cool.
What’s not to love? They’re immortal, strong, fast, they can hypnotize victims, turn into bats or mist; they just rule the roost.Vampire - Salems Lot variety
Vamps have their limitations of course: garlic, wooden stakes, sunlight, crosses.

Now traditionally Dracula was not destroyed by sunlight but instead became a mere mortal during that time so sunlight isn’t always a problem. Some of the scariest vampires are pretty darn ugly so I wasn’t too happy about that in my childish imaginings. I loved comics as a kid (who didn’t?) and Marvel fed my vamp fetish morbiuswith Morbius the living vampire.

Ah good times. Vampires have had many forms and I tend to think most of them are really cool Did you see The Lost Boys? OMG it was awesome fun with fun juvenile delinquents as vampires – there was probably a whole new generation of youngsters influenced by that. Of course in more recent years you started getting the romantic vampire appearing – I’m not talking about the original Dracula lost love romantic vampire but the Anne Rice style brooding vamp. It all went downhill from there in my opinion (YMMV) ending in the greatest abomination of all, glittering vampires with no measurable weaknesses at all except their need to stalk moody teen girls. *shudder* And what was it with that story? Why is a vampire who is hundreds of years old obsessed with acting like a teen and chasing immature young girls? For God’s sake he’s OLD. Just because the body hasn’t aged doesn’t mean the mind hasn’t. And he was a stalker, not romantic. OK, I’m not going to go there any further, it will just annoy me, and you in all probability.

What’s my perfect vampire?  Well he or she should look normal since after all it WAS a human. Maybe the vampire should become more monstrous when enraged with blood lust but then that could revert back to normal once the blood lust is sated. The vampire is strong and invulnerable to most harm except sunlight and maybe a stake when at rest. It never ages thanks to drinking human life force.

I really don’t need my vampire to be super fast or transform into animals of mist but I do expect my vampire to use what he’s learned from his unending life. He should know how to manipulate people, understand human nature and be SMART. Good God he’s seen centuries of human life, nothing should surprise him.  I also think if I were writing a vampire I’d make it so that just a bite doesn’t form a new vampire, even feeding them your blood won’t do it. The vampire should only be able to create offspring after it’s survived a certain amount of time – maturity after all. That’s how you keep vampires from exponentially increasing like a bad zombie plague and overrunning the globe.

So what’s your favorite or least favorite thing about Vampires? How would you design one?  Until next time….








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“Come along children. Gather in close. We’re going out for our walk.”
Miss Kelly who ran the daycare facility stood next to the door and beckoned all the children toward her.
The children toddled across the room, abandoning their toys. Each displayed bright white teeth and were filled with joy to be going for their daily walk.
Miss Kelly gathered the toddler leashes from beside the door and quickly clipped the leads to the harnesses each child wore.
Others sometimes looked askance when she led a leashed pack of children past. Some called the leashes cruel, but they had never tried to corral a pack of toddlers on a walk. It was too much to expect a lone woman to control half a dozen or more children who would dart off to inspect every flower, shiny pebble or stray cat in their path. Without the leashes the children would accidentally place themselves or others in danger.
“Now remember, no pulling, children. You’ll all get to see whatever you want.”
Half a dozen eager nods were her answer.
Miss Kelly opened the door and the children burst forth, yanking her arm.
The tugging was more frantic than normal and it took all Miss Kelly’s strength to restrain the children long enough to lock the door to the facility. What had them so worked up?
Pocketing the keys, Miss Kelly turned to see all the children tugging toward a small boy standing on the sidewalk. The boy had rosy cheeks and disheveled blonde hair. His red and white stripped shirt strained across his plump belly. The boy’s mouth gaped wide as he stared at the pack of toddlers straining toward him.
It was rare for a human child to come near Little Litches Daycare and the pack of toddlers gnashed their teeth and flames of desire ignited in the eye sockets of their naked skulls.
“Oh look children,” Miss Kelly said, baleful fire kindling in her own eye sockets. “Lunch.”
She dropped the leashes.


The creature was clearly one of the undead

The creature was clearly one of the undead


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With the dead walking the land she knew she couldn’t be too careful.
The front door was shattered and sounds from the back of her apartment caused her to ready her pistol and machete.
No one was in the common rooms or the bedroom, but splashing sounds issued from the bathroom.
Gritting her teeth she kicked open the bathroom door and leveled her gun.
“Oh John,” she moaned.
The creature lying in the tub was grey and clearly dead. The wound on its leg showed where the infection had entered her husband’s body.
Its mouth dropped open, tongue lolling, and a single, hideously clear word groaned across the space between them.
Her gun replied.