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Hell Ascendant Ep2 First Draft DONE


I am officially done with the first draft of Hell Ascendant Episode 2. It was a slog but I managed to get there thanks to participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Now I let it lay for a week and then begin the editing process. I hope to have it out by the end of the year. Hell for Christmas!

Now I can begin working on the sequel to Fanatic’s Bane:  Invader’s Bane!

Hell Ascendant Episode 2 coming soon


Major change to Spacefarer

After much soul searching, research and conversations I came to a determination that Spacefarer: Fanatic’s Bane should change.

I wrote the entire novel in present tense. I like present tense because it does give a feeling of immediacy but the form is really better suited to novella or short story lengths I’m finding. There were things in a novel length tale that became a bit unwieldy using present tense.

For example, it is easier to build up tension or insert a feeling that there is a lack of surety to the characters actions when you’re not living in the eternal now with them. It’s much easier to break away from action with past tense as well.

Besides, all my reading and research shows a hard bias toward reading in past tense in the Science Fiction & Fantasy genre’s fan base. I know most of the fiction I have read in my life is past tense and come to think of it, I really can’t think of a SF&F story that used present tense that I’ve read (and believe me I read a LOT).

So this necessitates me going back to the beginning of Fanatic’s Bane and not just proofing and editing but completely rewriting just about everything to make sure I have a consistent tense throughout. Lots of work but I think it will allow me to make a more enjoyable story. This also means that my original desire to release the first Spacefarer novel in the first quarter of 2016 is probably going out the window.  I don’t write full time so can only dedicate so much time to writing each week. I hope to have the novel finished by mid year.

Stay tuned.


Theirs was a forbidden love

Forbidden Love


Image text:

Their love was a forbidden one.
He was a lowly laborer, a digger in the soil. No woman of worth would ever deign to notice him.
She was a was a being of the outer dark. Immortal and beautiful among her kind.
The elder gods forbid her desires but she would not be denied.
She came to him, clasped him to her bosom though her touch drained the color of life from his body.
When they kissed, the gods – angered beyond restraint – cursed them.
Now they are forever frozen, mortal and angel of death. Together yet held  forever apart.