Picture Fiction

Picture Fiction

Welcome to my picture fiction page.

Click on the link below and you’ll find all the super short snippets of fiction (also known as Flash Fiction) I’ve written inspired by images collected around the internet or by my own camera. Then check the blog often to see what I’m posting currently.

I don’t claim to own all the images and will try to give attribution where possible. Consider this page a place where I disseminate my writing prompt fiction.

I will tag my entries as #picturefiction and  #flashfiction  (I used to use  #picfic but that has other connotations in some circles) when posting on social media.

I hope you enjoy. I’ll try to update regularly. You’ll find older images to have text within the image. More recent items will have an image and a short story beneath rather than incorporated into the image.

Cover for the collection once complete
Cover for the collection once complete

Please note that comments are moderated and I reserve the right to delete any comment I find offensive.

My goal is to eventually collect a large volume of the short flash fiction tales into a single volume but – lucky you – you’ve found it here free so follow along and enjoy.


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