You can now buy e-books from me rather than only via the mega-stores

I made major changes to my published works page which now is in a much prettier and easier to browse format.
I discovered this wonderful WordPress plugin called Novelist which was specifically designed for authors to showcase their books. I like it much better than the clunky everything on one page separated by lines method I was using.
Now each book cover appears on that page with a button allowing you to find out more info. That takes the viewer to an actual book page which details the book and then gives an excerpt and links to buy it. It’s a thousand times better than my old setup.

Well, now that I’ve gotten some good tools I can produce my own versions of my books in epub, pdf, and mobi (kindle) formats. So I put in a link to buy from me and that way you OWN your copy, not just lease it from Amazon to be removed at their whim. Of course, this means you need to figure out how to load it onto your device but I provide some instruction about that.

Unfortunately, the interface in Novelist doesn’t allow certain code so the purchase flow is a bit clunky for now. When a user clicks on my ‘buy from me’ link they go to a normal web page where they have to again click on the cover of the book to finally go to Paypal, complete their transaction and then receive a zip file of their books. As I said, it’s clunky – I hate having additional steps in the purchase flow but as the codebase improves I’ll eventually streamline the process. I’m just happy that I now have a slick page to see my books and then buy them either at your favorite outlet or directly from me.

If you’re an author who sells their own books, check out the Novelist plugin – no I’m not affiliated, I just think it rocks.



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