Tower Faustus is now live

Back in the day, I used to run D&D and other types of tabletop games. I LOVE the storytelling and fun of roaming a twisty dungeon that is par for the course in those games.
I have wanted to find a way to do something similar without having to have a bunch of friends over to the house (especially seeing as how all my friends are spread around the country).
I remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books where you read the story and then made a choice that took you to a different page in the book, changing the story with every choice.
I decided to do something similar using hyperlinks in an e-book. I’ve seen one or two on Amazon before. Some were good, others not so much, but the feel was right for what I wanted.
The one thing I didn’t want to do was write the story as a second person tale i.e. “You open the door…”
I wrote a normal third-person adventure tale of a band of teenagers in a sword and sorcery setting lost in a dungeon.
I have it currently free on my website for those who follow me and also as an e-book available from me, Amazon, and other sites.

Play for free here –
Get the ebook here –

If you’re into adventure games, check it out, maybe it will strike your fancy.

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