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The Outsiders

I want to do a little public world building in today’s post. I’m currently working on a new book set in the modern world. It’s a ‘world beneath the world’ concept with a hidden layer beneath our daily existence that we are protected from by our ignorance and the efforts of certain groups to protect […]

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A light appeared above the cultists

  image text: A light appeared above the chanting cultists. It grew, spreading amorphous psuedopods of eldritch energy until it gained gargantuan proportions. Bright globes, somehow they were the creature’s eyes, swirled in the fluctuating mass regarding the cult. Coruscations erupted across the pulsating surface and the thing from beyond descended. As it engulfed the […]

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Beneath the Mine

Doctor Marshall Carter walks down the unfamiliar tunnel. The walls are roughly hewn through rock and dirt; the floor flattened by generations of feet. He can sense the angle increasing; the tunnel is heading downward. From the gloom ahead he sees a pair of upright wooden beams, each as thick as his leg holding up […]

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