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Shapes In The Clouds

#flashfiction “M’lord, what do you think of that one?” Fiskew the ever faithful squire pointed toward a back-lit cloud overhead. Sir Robert of Trelane cocked his head, shielded his eyes from the sun’s glare, and sought the object of his squire’s interest. “Well Fiskew, I think if one squints just right it could possibly be […]

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Here There Be Monsters

#flashfiction #freefiction “The sun came up over the mountain like it always did. Rays of pale light stretched lazy fingers over the mountains and into the haze. The beams brought a blush to the clouds hovering above. This tremulous moment of balance between light and day lasted but a moment until the sun, eager to […]

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Background story for my Outsiders novel

I’m writing on a regular basis each day. Since I don’t always work on my active novel I will either write something original and unconnected or, like now, something that frames the background or universe of my new series. I’ve written a few descriptions of parts of the world and in this case a short […]

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