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The Monks

The trio of monks walked with cowl covered heads bowed along the dirt road. Ralf had never seen these holy men before. He recognized the robes as similar to those worn by the Christian who had visited their village last spring and tried, unsuccessfully, to convince the good folk of Bjornvik that Wotan was a […]

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What Happened to the Stars?

Captain Murtaugh of the Interstellar Trade Commonwealth exploration ship Wahoo rose from his command console and crossed to the science station. “Keg,” he said to the insectoid officer. “Have you scanned sector four? Something happened to the stars, it’s almost like they’ve disappeared.” The four foot tall insect chirped and whistled in its own language. […]

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2 Sentence Horror Story

The monster walked through the streets of the unsuspecting town intent on finding someone who would not scream or draw attention to its presence. The girl appeared innocent and kind, no person would connect the deaths to her; she pointed at the monster screaming; Murderer! Browse my available books Like what you see here? Consider […]

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