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Just submitted a story to an anthology

I stumbled across a call for submissions for an anthology called Movies, Monsters & Mayhem a couple weeks ago. It is looking for short stories 6,000 words or less which feature a monster causing havoc in relation to a movie. They give pretty broad guidelines as it the monster could be in a movie, from […]

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Night of the Crab

#flashfiction “Yo, Flori,” Dajon called. “Look at this big lizard.” Flori stood up, reluctantly leaving behind the beautiful purple flower she was examining. Dajon was out of the city for the first time in his life and Flori pushed down her annoyance at his incessant need for her to experience everything he did. She was […]

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The Dark Cloud

#flashfiction The sun was shining; the seagulls laughed and shrieked at each other in competition for the tidbits tossed into the air by the sun worshippers. It was a typical July day at the beach. Jennifer toweled off after her foray into the surf and then, after surreptitiously posing for the lustful eyes that she […]

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