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The Monks

The trio of monks walked with cowl covered heads bowed along the dirt road. Ralf had never seen these holy men before. He recognized the robes as similar to those worn by the Christian who had visited their village last spring and tried, unsuccessfully, to convince the good folk of Bjornvik that Wotan was a […]

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Here There Be Monsters

“The sun came up over the mountain like it always did. Rays of pale light stretched lazy fingers over the mountains and into the haze. The beams brought a blush to the clouds hovering above. This tremulous moment of balance between light and day lasted but a moment until the sun, eager to greet the […]

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The Way of the World

Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to the world. I met an old man wandering the wastes a while back, it might have been a week or a month ago – it’s hard to gauge time since the Change came. This old man said that before the Change the world was full of green growing things. […]


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