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Tonight, on Ghost Discovery – preview

This is a preview of my latest short story – available on my site, Amazon and wherever you might purchase your e-books.  “Tonight on a special live edition of Ghost Discovery, Nick Carter and his band of ghost hunters take you inside the famous Ghost Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The museum is home to many […]

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Purchase ebooks directly from me

Tired of buying books at the big online stores? Tired of Amazon controlling what’s on your device? If you want to have an ebook you actually OWN, like a paperback, you now can buy my ebooks directly from me. You’ll be able to purchase an ebook in several formats. Included are epub, kindle format, and […]

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A futuristic ebook for book people

I’m a hard core reader. I read like there’s no tomorrow. I used to have thousands of paperback and hardback books in my library. Over years they just got old and fell apart or (pained sigh) there was the disaster at my last house where the roof caved in over my library during a horrible […]

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