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Egg Plants

The sonic boom of something entering the atmosphere at hyper speeds woke the entire community. Jake Park pulled off his headphones and ran to the window; whatever just happened was much more interesting than his online game. “Did you hear that?” Jake’s door flew open as his older sister, Marie, rushed to join him at […]

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A Skull of Great Antiquity

“Peter, why are you dragging me to this God forsaken place again?” Mary Clark knew that archeology was her husband’s one passion, even greater than his passion for her. The one thing she never understood was his obsession with trying to interest her in his quest to prove that the history of mankind was somehow […]

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Temple of the Gods

Frank woke from a bizarre dream. It was the same dream again, the same dream that had haunted his nights since he turned 16. A full moon lit strange reddish brown columns of stone stretching into the distance. He wandered between the columns until a booming voice from above said, “Temple of the Gods.” He […]

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