Be careful what you take online.

In this world of interconnected computers, you have to be super careful about what you THINK is free to use. Even if you ARE careful as I try to be you can get burned. Case in point. I found an image a couple of years ago which on my searches for weekly images for my […]

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Tonight, on Ghost Discovery – preview

This is a preview of my latest short story – available on my site, Amazon and wherever you might purchase your e-books.  “Tonight on a special live edition of Ghost Discovery, Nick Carter and his band of ghost hunters take you inside the famous Ghost Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The museum is home to many […]

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Give Me the Moon

Nexon was the most powerful wizard of his age and he was in love. Nexon lived in a tower of crystal and rainbow-hued stone perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. He had created the tower with powerful magic and it was both his home and an amplifier of his prodigious power. People from across […]


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