Just submitted a story to an anthology

I stumbled across a call for submissions for an anthology called Movies, Monsters & Mayhem a couple weeks ago.

It is looking for short stories 6,000 words or less which feature a monster causing havoc in relation to a movie. They give pretty broad guidelines as it the monster could be in a movie, from a movie or even in a world which IS a self aware movie.

Well that last one reminded me that I had a story in my story trunk which was about a self aware movie world so I retooled it toward this effort. The idea I had came from a very vivid dream I had a while back but never knew what to do with. Well now I had some clue for it.

The Shadow in the City was written over 2 days and then spent a few more in editing and beta reading before being shipped off to the anthology. It’s the story of a world which is run like a movie, everyone has a role and they are acting it out for unknown viewers. The order of the world is thrown into chaos when a monster from a horror Line suddenly shows up in a noir Line and kills the Star. Without a Star they can’t finish their storyLine and their lives may end up trapped in a dead end world. How will they ever survive?

Hopefully I’ll be chosen for inclusion. It’s edited by Kevin J. Anderson who is a well known author and editor and I would love to be in his collection. Crossing fingers.

If for some reason I’m NOT selected, I’ll probably put it on the website for a while in totality before self-publishing it on Amazon.

Wish me luck.


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