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Brainstorming a series of short stories

Happy 2020 everyone; I hope the year is treating you well. Moving into the new year, I am continuing my progress on my second Spacefarer novel but I am also looking for another ongoing project to work on when I hit a snag or need to step away for a bit to mull where the […]

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Krampus Unchained has a new cover

It’s the end of a year which means it’s time to make changes about things you don’t like. The original Krampus Unchained cover was just OK. It looked like a bad MS Paint cover made by a dyslexic 3 year old quite frankly. I’ve updated the cover for 2020 with a new image of the […]

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Tower Faustus is now live

Back in the day, I used to run D&D and other types of tabletop games. I LOVE the storytelling and fun of roaming a twisty dungeon that is par for the course in those games. I have wanted to find a way to do something similar without having to have a bunch of friends over […]

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