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Is a “Personal Relationship” with Authors What Readers Want?

I stumbled across this blog post from another site I love – The Passive Voice.  I spent my time reading the article nodding my head and muttering, “Yes, yes exactly!” I don’t want to invade your life. I don’t want you to invade mine. I want to write interesting things that the people stumbling across […]

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Be careful what you take online.

In this world of interconnected computers, you have to be super careful about what you THINK is free to use. Even if you ARE careful as I try to be you can get burned. Case in point. I found an image a couple of years ago which on my searches for weekly images for my […]

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Invader’s Bane novel is off and running

Showing how things change on the fly when in the planning stages. I’m changing who will get a point of view in Invader’s Bane literally at the 11th hour as I’m about to start writing. The second book – Invader’s Bane originally was planned to have a POV from Osok. I will replace Osok’s POV […]

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