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The Shadow in the City

This was originally written as an attempt at being selected for an anthology. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the final cut so I get to share it directly. This story will remain free on this site for 2 weeks before being pulled down to be published on Amazon and other outlets.   The city was bathed […]

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Tower Faustus is now live

Back in the day, I used to run D&D and other types of tabletop games. I LOVE the storytelling and fun of roaming a twisty dungeon that is par for the course in those games. I have wanted to find a way to do something similar without having to have a bunch of friends over […]

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Tonight, on Ghost Discovery – preview

This is a preview of my latest short story – available on my site, Amazon and wherever you might purchase your e-books.  “Tonight on a special live edition of Ghost Discovery, Nick Carter and his band of ghost hunters take you inside the famous Ghost Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The museum is home to many […]

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