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Once Upon A Time

#flashfiction #steampunk Once upon a time there was a lonely man who lived in a small, run down house in the mountains. The man had been alone for many years. Once he had thought he would marry the most beautiful woman in his village but she was wooed away from him by the eldest son […]

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Time Machine

#flashfiction “You see Griswold the theory of temporal travel has always been a passion of mine.” Lord Cavendish topped off my sherry and returned to his wingback chair. “Surely sir,” I said. “The past has already happened and the future is yet to be born. How could one ever hope to view such things. It […]

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The Adventures of Air Captain Sir Miles Scissorbill

#flashfiction #steampunk The airship Fatuity hovered above the castle of the mad Baron Otto von Burstein. It’s armored sides glistened in the morning sun displaying its impregnable defiance to the machinations of the evil Baron. “Number One, set engines to hover,” Air Captain Sir Miles Scissorbill said to the squat man beside him. “It’s time […]

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