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Apocalypse Blog – Day 4

Did you see that explosion last night? I was sitting on my deck drinking a cool one and watching the dog patrol for intruding neighborhood cats when the night lit up as bright as day. I’m assuming you saw it too, hell I think everyone on this side of the country must have seen it. […]

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Apocalypse Blog – Day 3

Great, my cable is out. The corps might not be allowed to disconnect my electricity but I guess cable doesn’t count as life and death to them. Admittedly, I was a month behind before the quarantine was announced, but you’d think they would cut a guy a break and leave the cable on so I […]

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Apocalypse Blog – Day 12

This is the latest post in a series I’m writing on Patreon. If you become a Patron, you can read them all along with a boatload of other free fiction content. As a patron, you can also receive every book I ever write at no charge. —– Have you ever had one of those days […]

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