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Poopsie – a different sort of zombie story

This is the tale of a man who looks to conquer the world by raising a zombie army using the dread Necronomicon. All he needs to do is kill one rabbit.¬† ¬†Happy Easter. —– POOPSIE   “Poor Poopsie, Betty’s gonna be really upset that you’re gone, but I need you more than she does.” George […]

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The Seat of Destiny – Part 2

1177 – 1307 AD The chair had served the Arabic alchemist, Faisal al Hamid, as a resting place from his labors in his laboratory. Faisal found himself drafted by the army of Saladin to succor the soldiers and at times Saladin himself with the healing draughts which he brewed. No physician in the army of […]

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The Seat of Destiny – Part 1

The Seat of Destiny is a short story I wrote several years ago which is currently on sale on Amazon as an e-book. Since the story is over 6,000 words I’m breaking it into 2 parts. A powerful artifact affects all who sit upon it bringing success to some and disaster to others through 2000 […]

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