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Storytelling on Twitter

I’m starting a new side project on Twitter. I am attempting to tell my Circuit Space comedy tales in 280 character bites. Think of it as a prose author’s webcomic without pictures, although I do have some drawings I did of robots and other things from the story which will probably be shared over time. […]

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What Happened to the Stars?

Captain Murtaugh of the Interstellar Trade Commonwealth exploration ship Wahoo rose from his command console and crossed to the science station. “Keg,” he said to the insectoid officer. “Have you scanned sector four? Something happened to the stars, it’s almost like they’ve disappeared.” The four foot tall insect chirped and whistled in its own language. […]

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To The Moon

#flashfiction #amwriting “Mission control from Daedalus,” Astronaut Roy Callum said. “Beginning checklist for orbital insertion.” “Roger Daedalus,” the tinny voice of the controller said from the speaker. “Upload of navigational plot in progress.” “I don’t know why we still do it this way,” Astronaut Mae Lewis said. “What do you mean?” Roy said. “Well, think […]

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