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I Was On Fire

#flashfiction I was on fire. I know, I say it like it’s not a big thing although it usually is. So, like I was saying, I was on fire. Flames were all around me, they coated my clothing, caressed my skin, entwined in my hair. There was not a single inch of my person that […]

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The Hellmouth

#flashfiction #hell “I’m telling you it’s the entrance to Hell,” the old man almost shouted. Helena smiled in what she thought was a calming manner but any observer would have recognized instantly as patronizing. She always managed to encounter such quaint and, frankly, insane superstitions whenever she visited one of these middle of nowhere burghs. […]

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The pit with no bottom

  Image text: The text in the moldering book had led him to this spot. The hired men had dug for days in the rocky soil. When the cracking sound had filled the air and the men had screamed to be lifted from the pit he began the chant which was written in blood in […]

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