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Temple of the Gods

Frank woke from a bizarre dream. It was the same dream again, the same dream that had haunted his nights since he turned 16. A full moon lit strange reddish brown columns of stone stretching into the distance. He wandered between the columns until a booming voice from above said, “Temple of the Gods.” He […]

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The Artifact

#picturefiction #flashfiction Doctor Alan Quatrain’s pick slammed into the rock for what must have been the thousandth time. Sweat poured down his body as he hacked at the wall of the ancient mine. All his research, translations, clues, everything led to this ancient mine deep in the Chilean jungle. He pulled back the pick once […]

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A voice like thunder boomed

#amwriting #flashfiction #picfic Image text: “God, has revealed His plan to me.” The preacher somehow turned God into a three syllable word. “The sinners must be punished.” Above the stage of the outdoor revival the clouds roiled as if a storm were about to break. Puffs and whorls of cloud cemented themselves into the shape […]

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