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Give Me the Moon

Nexon was the most powerful wizard of his age and he was in love. Nexon lived in a tower of crystal and rainbow-hued stone perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. He had created the tower with powerful magic and it was both his home and an amplifier of his prodigious power. People from across […]


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The Ritual

This flash fiction¬†eventually grew into my novel:¬†The Light Within The cultist pulled a hood over my head blocking all light. I could hear the other members of the cult chanting in some guttural, gurgling language. The smell of whatever they were burning was making me nauseous. They began to chant the same sound over and […]

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Holiday on Pintor IV

The gravity of Pintor IV was minuscule compared to Klaus’ homeworld. The local fauna floated rather than crawl or walk. Klaus spun and twirled through the trees which writhed like animals on their pencil-thin stalks. This was the best vacation getaway he had arranged yet. He still didn’t understand why no travel journals had mentioned […]

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