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I Was On Fire

#flashfiction I was on fire. I know, I say it like it’s not a big thing although it usually is. So, like I was saying, I was on fire. Flames were all around me, they coated my clothing, caressed my skin, entwined in my hair. There was not a single inch of my person that […]

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#flashfiction Betty pulled up the app that George had written for their group on her tablet. George built a backdoor into Twitter with the help of the official API and some code he lifted from a website in the Ukraine. The end result of his hours of programming expertise was a private room within Twitter […]

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The gambler threw the door wide

Image text: “I’ll take two.” “I fold.” The gambler grinned to hear the telltale sounds of card play behind the door. He rubbed his hands expectantly and threw the door wide. “Room for another?” His words were choked off as his throat constricted with fear. The card players turned with creaking joints to look at […]

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