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#flashfiction Abigail strolled through the gardens of her parent’s estate. She loved spring, the trees were filling out with leaves and the flowers were pushing their way through the short grass. Life was returning to the world. At eight, she was old enough to understand the irony of her thoughts on returning life as she […]

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One Final Portrait

#flashfiction #death Gertrude coughed, a deep racking cough, as she ushered out the last of her photography customers. It had been a long day and the coughing and pain in her chest that had dogged her for the last month didn’t make it any easier to bear. Gertrude wondered if this cough could be something […]

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The Day I Died

This story was inspired by an article by Harlan Ellison of a similar name in which he mused about mortality. I died on July 5, 2006. It was a Monday morning right after a long holiday weekend. Excesses of alcohol, fireworks and hilarity had finally pushed my middle aged body to the limits. I guess […]

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Theirs was a forbidden love

  Image text: Their love was a forbidden one. He was a lowly laborer, a digger in the soil. No woman of worth would ever deign to notice him. She was a was a being of the outer dark. Immortal and beautiful among her kind. The elder gods forbid her desires but she would not […]

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