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The Ruined Church

#flashfiction Brenna and Tagg stood in the shadows within the remains of the shattered garage. It was the only surviving part of the home which had once stood on this spot. When hurricane Katrina lashed the coast it had wiped out entire neighborhoods and this small town on the Mississippi coast was no exception. There […]

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The Party Clown

“This is a great party, Betty,” Lou-Ann said, removing a colorful hat from her head. “Thanks,” Betty said. “Mary wanted a special sixth birthday so I really tried to make it a blow out. I’d be happier if the stupid clown would get here.” Lou-Ann looked around the enormous yard. There were bouncy houses, water […]

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The Upstairs Room

#flashfiction  Sergeant Wilson stood hunched against the blowing snow outside the Victorian home. Two dozen other cops huddled in the shadows near doors and windows preparing for the go signal. According to the Fed running the show there was some kind of Satanic cult in the house. They had a kidnapped girl and were probably […]

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