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Apocalypse Blog – Day 15

Oh, dear God, I hope someone is actually reading this. I’m dictating onto my phone and having it post live to the blog. There’s no radio coming in on any channel but my phone says it has a connection so I’m hoping this is going out. It’s 4 AM and the screaming outside escalated to […]

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Apocalypse Blog – Day 14

We had a blackout last night. As far as I could see, darkness, no streetlights, no house lights, nothing. Normally when this happens, it’s after a bad storm or high winds but it was as still as could be last night; maybe someone hit a telephone pole but it was really widespread. Again, nothing on […]

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Apocalypse Blog – Day 5

Vegas is one of the most exciting and active cities I’ve ever seen in my life—just not last night. My neighborhood is full of restaurants, grocery stores, and other necessary businesses so everything is open and life seems normal except for all the people with face masks. Las Vegas Boulevard just demonstrated how radically different […]

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