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Live Blogging on Patreon

I’ve decided to do something that was suggested by another author. I am live-blogging my writing progress on my Patreon. What does this mean? Basically, as I write chapters in my novels, shorts, or novellas I will put the raw first draft material on the Patreon feed. This allows my Patrons to follow along with […]

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To The Moon

#flashfiction #amwriting “Mission control from Daedalus,” Astronaut Roy Callum said. “Beginning checklist for orbital insertion.” “Roger Daedalus,” the tinny voice of the controller said from the speaker. “Upload of navigational plot in progress.” “I don’t know why we still do it this way,” Astronaut Mae Lewis said. “What do you mean?” Roy said. “Well, think […]

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Time Machine

#flashfiction “You see Griswold the theory of temporal travel has always been a passion of mine.” Lord Cavendish topped off my sherry and returned to his wingback chair. “Surely sir,” I said. “The past has already happened and the future is yet to be born. How could one ever hope to view such things. It […]

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