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The Shadow in the City

This is a short story written for a contest about movies and monsters (I didn’t win) that I published on my Patreon page but decided to also share here. The city was bathed in twilight, but then again it was always twilight until a Star arrived on the scene. Aaron Little hated the time between […]

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Empty Tomb

#picturefiction #flashfiction #zombie It had been three days since the Master was executed by the occupiers. For three days Miram waited for the chance to properly care for his body, to say the prayers and anoint him with the blessed oils. She walked up the long, lonely hill to the cave where the Master’s body had […]

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The Day I Died

This story was inspired by an article by Harlan Ellison of a similar name in which he mused about mortality. I died on July 5, 2006. It was a Monday morning right after a long holiday weekend. Excesses of alcohol, fireworks and hilarity had finally pushed my middle aged body to the limits. I guess […]

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