Monthly Update – August edition

Hi all,

It’s the beginning of September so time to update you on what has been happening during September.

Here in Las Vegas the heat continues, some places are feeling the first kiss of Fall but here we don’t think it’s approaching Fall until the temperature is consistently in the 90s. Lucky for me, I do my writing indoors where my AC unit keeps the room a reasonable temperature. I’m not complaining, I happen to love the heat. That and the low humidity drew me to Vegas in the first place.

Alien Bane is moving along nicely. Of the four point of view (POV) characters, I’ve finished three of them and now have circled back to handle Free Agent Malbane’s chapters. As the central POV she will tie together everything else that’s been happening in the other chapters. Her chapters will also bring the overarching plot to completion. I hope to finish this novel by the end of the year – fingers crossed.

I’ve got so many irons waiting to be pulled from the shelf and thrust into the fire. I plan on a serial format similar to my Flashes of Darkness flash fiction collections but executed on Amazon’s Kindle Vella platform. I have a horror short to novella length concept set in my Monstrous World universe that is begging to be finished and then, of course, I plan to do more stories in my Solar Union universe.

I think there might be one more Spacefarer Malbane story to be told after Alien Bane but I think it comes down to how I end her current story. Stay tuned.

I actually had a couple fans drop by our retail store looking to say hi. I’m sad to have missed them, it was very sweet and humbling to have someone come by to say they enjoyed the things I wrote. Thank you to those folks, hopefully I can cross paths with you in Vegas in the future.


Stay safe out there, covid is still a thing and I want all of you to remain safe and healthy. Until next time, keep reading.



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