Live Blogging on Patreon

I’ve decided to do something that was suggested by another author. I am live-blogging my writing progress on my Patreon.

What does this mean?

Basically, as I write chapters in my novels, shorts, or novellas I will put the raw first draft material on the Patreon feed. This allows my Patrons to follow along with the story as it comes to life. I’ll also talk about the editing choices I make when I reach that point.

The only thing you won’t see is the fully completed novel in its final form. Unless you happen to be a $5 level Patron, then you receive it automatically as your tier reward.

It’s a look into the writing experience which allows you to see how I write and even give feedback as the story comes alive.

I’m currently putting up 2 chapters a day from what has already been written for Alien Bane and once I’m caught up, I’ll be putting first draft chapters as they are written.

It’s only $1 a month for the basic level to read as I post or $5 to also receive my entire backlist in ebook form as well as any future ebook, you can’t buy a Starbucks coffee for that.

I hope you like this concept and head over there to check out what I’m writing. Thank you for reading and following the blog and my fiction.


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