Leo Blair – ‘the man behind the throne’


I used to run tabletop role-playing games and had a very broad universe which became the basis for my Spacefarer series currently in progress. I miss working on games but again, I don’t want to derail myself by completely going full-on game design so I present a character study for a game as creative writing.

You may freely use these People & Places in your own games but may NOT repackage and sell them or use them in stories etc, intended for sale without my express permission!.


This is a modern world character involved in politics.

[CHARACTER] Leo Blair – ‘the man behind the throne’

Leo can be an interesting, high-powered antagonist to interact with. His instability can be discovered or brought to attention by Leo’s rivals who wish to remove him from his position of power and protect the country.

Leo is a white male who is in his mid 60’s. A WASP whose family came over on the Mayflower his family has been involved with the formation and running of this country since day one.
The Blair family is “old money” but Leo’s personal fortune is not exorbitant.
Leo is one of the most powerful men in the country. The President always makes time to hear the advice of this man and has the utmost faith in his theories.
Leo has no official designation in government but is an ‘aide’ to the President. He has retained his position for the last 30 years entering the favor of the executive branch
during the Nixon administration. He has shaped the policy and decision of all presidents since with the exception of Jimmy Carter. Leo took a break from his position, as Carter did not agree with his policies or moral fiber. It is thought that a lot of the bad press that
Carter received as a ‘weak ineffectual president’ as brought about by friends of Blair.
The return of the Republican Party with Ronald Reagan in the white house marked the return of Blair to power.
Blair’s influence has always been stronger with Republican presidents, but all have listened to him. Some say that he’s the one who convinced George H. Bush to go to war with Saddam Hussein and helped build the hard-line policy that has existed ever since in the White House.
The following quote is often bandied about when Blair’s name is mentioned: ”They say in the corridors of power that the President has his finger on the nuclear button but it’s Leo Blair who tells him when to push.”
Leo lives in Potomac, Maryland. He owns a thirty-acre estate that has security on a par with Camp David. He also owns a townhouse on Capitol Hill where he stays when matters of state require him to be close to the President. There is also a permanent room in the White House that is reserved for his use although he rarely uses it.
His driver and valet constantly accompany Blair, both men are trained security specialists and deadly. These men who owe everything to Blair’s patronage are fanatically loyal to the old man and will sacrifice their lives at his word.
At his estate, a private security force of a dozen men protects his possessions. The security force uses state of the art technology and can employ deadly force against intruders. The local police would never push an investigation beyond simple acceptance of the statements given by Blair’s guards so powerful is his position.
Leo is a widower who’s wife, Estelle, died ten years ago from cancer. He has a son and a daughter, both married. His son, Leo Junior, 40, is the CFO of a major corporation. His son lives on a sprawling horse ranch in Middleburg, Virginia.
Leo’s daughter, Isabelle Grant, 35, married well to a minor cadet branch of the Kennedy clan and now lives in Vermont with her husband, James.
Since the death of his wife, Leo has spent much of his time alone, focused on world events, ignoring his mundane life.

Leo is a slight paranoiac. He has a well-hidden inferiority complex, which explains his drive for power and control. He is afraid of the limelight as he worries about being exposed and made fun of for not being good enough. Working from the shadows allows him to fuel his ego with actual power and prove to himself that he might be good enough.
Leo had a domineering father, Franklin, who drove him to always succeed and live up to the family name. This is the root of Leo’s drive and inferiority complex.
The constant pressure of world events and his own psychological problems have brought Leo to the brink of a psychotic break. Only Leo’s fanatical hold on his position of power have kept him stable recently. His nights are filled with visions of fire and destruction.
Dreams of terrorists, invading armies and other threats to the country haunt his sleep. Personal fears and images of inadequacy and failure are slowly sapping his willpower and are driving him toward suicidal actions.
Those who know Leo well recognize the toll this stress is having on the man. He appears haggard most days. His judgment is beginning to slip and on occasion he finds himself reacting to the fear stimulus of his dreams.
Recent increased tensions in the Middle East have made him very paranoid about that part of the world and he keeps pressuring the President to prepare for action on that front.
He has told the President on many occasions that war is going to occur in the Middle East during his administration and he must prepare. Leo councils preemptive action rather than reactive. So far the president has taken his council to heart in a controlled manner but the fear and pressure of this high-powered advisor will eventually push the President to action he may not want to take.
Leo’s dreams are haunted by visions of Washington DC being destroyed by a nuclear blast and the shambling radiation sick survivors claw at him and demand that he protect them. Leo is slowly approaching the point where he will begin to push for strong action, possibly involving nuclear weaponry. If ignored he will even use his connections to force matters by escalating outside events that will force the President to act in the manner he demands.

Leo once created an ad on a ‘dating’ service attempting to find a friend. Here’s that video to further flesh out the character-

WWM 60s, professional in search of companion/friend for-
“Oh to hell with that, let me use this video thing instead.”

“Hi. My name is Leo Blair, yes, one of ‘those’ Blairs. I hope that doesn’t put anyone off.
I’m in my sixties but pretty fit. My late wife Estelle used to say that I made the younger men at the squash court look like old men.”

“I work for the government in a roundabout way. I’ve worked with almost every administration for the last thirty years, well with the exception of the Carter administration. The large amount of time I spend in Washington and at Camp David tends to make my private life nearly non-existent. I guess that’s why I’m making this personals video. I would like to find a friend who is not part of the bureaucracy and just wants to be around me because I seem likable. ”

“I live in Potomac, Maryland – am I supposed to tell them where I live? Oh, ok.”

“I grew up in the lap of luxury some would say but really, the Blair family lost most of its wealth back in the Forties but I’ve managed to make a comfortable living with wise investments so that I am able to live in a nice estate but nothing like what my great grandfather had.”

“I’m quite the chess player and an insatiable reader. I’ve recently re-read Kissinger’s Diplomacy, very insightful. I highly recommend it.”

“I’m a smoker. I hope that doesn’t put you off. I know it’s a weakness but after nearly fifty years I think it’s a bit late to try to quit.”

“So to sum up, if you’d be interested in becoming a friend, confidant, occasional drinking buddy to an aging aide to the President let me know. Please, no Liberals.”

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